Pauline Caplet is a french photographer specialized in analog photography.

Since 2016 she is artistic director at Studio Baxtonand the curator of Baxton Gallery in Brussels. 

Also, she teaches workshops photography in different places in France and Belgium. 

With the feeling of urgency and liberation, Pauline shows us her enigmatic vision of the world in perpetual motion, mysterious, vulnerable and imperfect. Her pictures bring us into a universe where real and unreal are closely intertwined.

Between chaos and silence, unbridled experimentation of the light, space, movement and temporality. 

Her work is published and exhibited, like some pictures of "BLACK HOLE II" in Denver for The Big Picture Colorado, curated by Mark Sink, or like the reportage "DISLOCATION" at Recyclart in Brussels. 

She also has a lot of collaborations in France and Belgium, for example with stylists Marie Van Gils, Alice Godin, Catalinna Jitaru, also with MAD Brussels, ELLE Decoration Belgium...

She is the curator of exhibitions :

" BACK FROM THE DARKNESS I & II" at Baxton Gallery, with Pauline Amelie, Ronald Renard, Toilette Chaudron, Kristel Brusadelli & Morgane Colin and second edition : Julie Calbert, Jean-François Flamey, Anne Locquen & Florence D'Elle present artists with their convulsive visions and impression of clair-obscur. Starting from nothingness, they transports us into a silent and timeless universe. Dense and intimate, powerful and sensitive, the image we throw a challenge, through the secrets of light and darkness, we must come very close to cross the mirror.

"Coup de Fourche" in Brussels, unites artists from different genres, ranging from photography and etching to tattoo art.

"BIG PICTURE COLORADO" it’s an exhibition outside in Brussels unites 30 photographers of the world, for Big Picture Colorado Denver.

"Photo Fanzine Edition" with Joseph Charroy, Christopher de Béthune, Antoine De Bellefroid, Mathieu Van Assche, Gil Barez, Andy Tierce & Simon Vansteenwinckel, it’s an exhibition dedicated to the fanzine and auto edition of analogue photography in Brussels.